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AI sets the stage for a new era of innovation

The history of AI

  • Early Thoughts (Antiquity - 1940s): Philosophers pondered the idea of intelligent machines, and science fiction depicted them in stories. The invention of the computer in the 1940s laid the groundwork for true AI exploration.

  • Birth of AI (1950s): Alan Turing's Turing Test proposed a way to measure machine intelligence, and the term "artificial intelligence" was coined. Early AI programs showed promise in games like checkers.

  • AI Rollercoaster (1960s - 1990s): Initial excitement gave way to limitations in computing power. Expert systems based on human knowledge offered practical applications, but funding for research dwindled.

  • Modern AI (1990s - Present): Advancements in computing power and algorithms like deep learning fueled a resurgence in AI. Today, AI is transforming fields from healthcare to transportation.

The History of AI | WCS - Microsoft Partner

Meet the new AI

We are at the starting point of experiencing the benefits and innovation of AI for business.

OpenAI ChatGPT puts the power of AI in the hands of everyday users. Anyone can now ask AI to generate original content and images in an instant.

The ability to wax poetic about how generative AI will change the world is a reflection of how AI will fundamentally change productivity and business processes, as managed in CRM or ERP, forever.

  • Speaks natural language

  • Synthesizes large amount of data

  • Creates original content

  • Iterates ideas with human in the loop

New AI | WCS - Microsoft Partner

New AI made possible by large scale foundation models

OpenAI’s generative models include not just ChatGPT, but a collection of services which users can take advantage of today. From creating images from text to speech recognition, for example. With the connection of Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft has the ability to tap into these services to enhance and supercharge first- and third-party applications.

Predicted percentage of data produced by generative AI

According to Gartner, the percentage of the world’s data produced by generative AI will jump from under 1% in 2021 to around 10% in 2025.  This is a very bold projection, but as we start to look at the new capabilities announced by OpenAI, it will quickly become apparent that this new form of AI will have huge implications across many industries.

Era of the AI Copilot

The third industrial revolution shifted digitized traditional processes, evolving to create new ways of organizing and accessing information, creating digital solutions to business problems, and engaging audiences in digital spaces.

The 4th industrial revolution opens doors to transform how people focus time in the workday. Technologies like AI and machine learning, the ability to automate personal workflows and processes, and low code don’t replace human innovation, but amplify human expertise and ability.

Beyond Automation: The New Era of AI Empowering People

AI has definitely captured the imagination with its potential to automate tasks, but it's moving beyond that. Here's how AI is ushering in a new era of human empowerment

Business Meeting

Employees in the new digital era

Digital tools help them become more agile, automate tasks, be accessible and secure

Transparent Spiral Cable

AI can speed things up

In fact, up to 40% of all IT developer lines using Copilot are now completely AI-generated.

At Work

More creativity for innovation

Get inspired, turn ideas into content, and improve skills with just the right click.

The world’s first AI copilot in both CRM and ERP

Just as Github Copilot changed the way developers code, Dynamics 365 Copilot will change the business processes in your company. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot provides interactive, AI-powered assistance across business functions—from sales, service, and marketing to supply chain.

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Business Application

Make it easy to run business operations cost-effectively from the best software tailored to your style.

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Dynamics 365 FO

Increase Productivity with Intelligent Business Applications

ERP for Enterprise

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Dynamics 365 BC

Connect operations across your small or medium-sized business

ERP for Business

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Microsoft 365

Make workers more effective and efficient with awesome worksheets anywhere

Modern workplace

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Microsoft Azure

Go beyond boundaries with a reliable, trusted and secure Microsoft Cloud


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Power BI

Turn your company data into rich visuals to make business decisions easier

Business Intelligence


Business Analytics
Cloud Service
Software Upgrade
Support and Maintenance


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