KANKEI is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for HR. Kankei offers end-to-end HR business process solutions, from Talent acquisition/Recruitment, Selection and Hiring, On-boarding, Employee Development, and course management, performance management, and succession planning.



  • 360 degrees candidate view, 

  • Collaborative screening and selection process, 

  • Proactive onboarding and welcome page, and follows by interactive employee self-service (ESS)

Recruitment Process

  • Job vacancy management

  • Selection process

  • Onboarding and orientation

Employee Management

  • Employee profiling

  • Schedule and pattern

  • Promotion and mutation

  • Job designing and grading

Training and development

  • Skill mapping profiling

  • Training management

Performance and growth

  • 360-degree feedback

  • Succession and carrier path

  • 9 boxes (human asset value)



“Helping your business goal through people” is our tagline for our solution. Kankei is a solution for effective recruitment lies in thoughtfully answering a few essential questions: Whom should we recruit? What should our recruitment process be? How can we reach these specific people? the quality of the people they hire, and ultimately the performance and retention of these new employees. Built on the newest technology and well-design recruitment application and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX as the back end of the process, we do believe kankei has the answer to these questions. 


Kankei is a robust and powerful way to handle employee management transactions, proven up to 10,000 per month HR administrative transactions, hundreds of thousands of workers data, and hundreds of thousands of their personal information, and millions of records from absence and attendees. KANKEI also provides you with excellent training and development features, followed by performance management, talent pool, and succession plan features. All of those make KANKEI your company’s HRIS choice, “KANKEI, helping your business through people”.


HR Software is very important for your business to help your Human Resource well-organized. Especially for a company that has a huge number of employees that have to manage. Kankei is complementary adds on for Microsoft Dynamics 365