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WCS Solution - Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management System

Optimize your business with technology that delivers agility and maximizes warehouse efficiency to enhance customer needs.


Looking for the right solution for your business and company goals?

Ensure your warehouse management system is modern and flexible in streamlining your warehouse operations


Streamline warehousing cycle execution
Track batches end-to-end through easy steps and get inbound-outbound shipping and handling information.

Optimize warehouse operations
Accelerated warehouse operations are consolidated in a standard workforce structure and stock structure for advanced efficiency.

Improve, efficiency, more profitability
Simplify e-commerce, by supporting flexibility in managing the availability of customer orders at once more quickly.

Build your scalable Warehouse Management, from SMB to Enterprise

WMS Benefit

Set up rules that can be managed at the Warehouse level to optimize receiving, put away, cross docking, internal transfers, picking waves, packing, and shipping


Run your warehouse processes seamlessly to respond to changes quickly, and get a holistic view of orders and costs across the supply chain


Provides you with comprehensive visibility, as well as advanced functions such as value-added services, support facilities, workforce planning and management, report management, and comprehensive analytics


Schedule your order receipts and returns faster to reduce waiting time at the dock, and ensure higher resource productivity while scaling your business more flexibly and automatically


Manage material handling equipment for distribution vehicles, sorters, and label applicators for scalability integrated with high shelf storage systems, small parts warehousing, shuttle warehousing, and more...


Improve warehouse operations and overall efficiency when using a warehouse management solution from WCS

Microsoft Dynamics 365

A modern and flexible warehouse management system

  • Inbound-Outbound processing management. Real-time information about Inbound-Outbound and optimize the receiving process with direct receipts from production.

  • Control process and storage in the warehouse. Monitor warehouse condition, layout, inventory, and a number of movement cycles with accurate stock visibility.

  • Maximize the life of your warehouse. Optimize your business with technology that provides transparency, maximizes fulfillment efficiency, and improves customer service.

  • Automate warehouse operations. Optimize operations, material handling, workforce planning, and stock-flow with integrated warehouse management. Track performance with configurable dashboards and improve productivity with a mobile app.

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