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Network Integrator

Integrate your enterprise and data center networks for improved availability, reliability, performance and security

Implement new technology that meets your needs.

Network integration services to help create a network that enables IT infrastructure to deploy new technologies that meet your needs.

Enterprise Network

  • Building LAN and WAN for Corporate Companies or SMB

  • Building Networks for Data Center and DRC environment

  • Multimedia Communication

  • IP enables solution

  • Mobility solution

  • Enterprise Security Solution

  • ​Cabling System for Wired or Optical Infrastructure

Carrier Class Networks

  • Building Frame Relay Networks

  • Building Next-Generation Networks

  • Building Optical Networks (SDH, STM-64, CWDM, Optical Ethernet)

  • ADSL and Cable Operator Solution

  • Unified Access Control and Wireless

  • Networks, such as Wmesh, WiMAX, WLAN

Wireless Networks

  • LAN Enterprise Solution

  • WLAN for Carrier Class and Hotspot

  • Wireless Mesh Solution

  • Access Control and Management for Wireless Solution

In today's business environment, organizations increasingly rely on information technologies for their survival. Network Infrastructure not only provides a gateway for communication and collaboration, but it also supports various applications that organizations depend on to manage daily business operations.

Besides issues of network bandwidth, security, and support for legacy applications and equipment, the use of new technologies-and seamlessly integrating them with the existing network infrastructure and applications-poses an unforeseen level of complexity and challenge.

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