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WCS Solution - Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

End-to-end business process management software to manage company finances, operations, reporting, human resources, and more, to help business growth.


Looking for the right solution for your business and company goals?

ERP software makes it easy for you to direct your business like one touch to transform, build and even jump ahead to achieve your goals and profitability.

ERP Benefit

Accelerate and optimize performance
Control your business areas by integrating automatically to prioritize tasks with proper data integration.

Effectiveness in navigating challenges
Increase customer confidence in fierce competition to gain product profitability

Delivering productivity and strategic agility
Directing resources across all lines according to tools and plans as business strengthening

Prevent operational risks and make better decisions
Have predictive insight and can make data-driven decisions with real-time information on business movements.

Reduce excess costs
Reduce mistakes while finding problems in increasing business growth by reducing unwanted costs.

Access real-time and up-to-date visibility
Able to reach all information with easy access on any device and anywhere

ERP includes many core functions across all lines of the company to facilitate accelerated flow from back office to front office


Finance and Operation


Human Capital


Service and Sales










Advanced Analytics


Realize the need for qualified on-cloud or on-premise ERP software that delivers cross-business operations capabilities from WCS partner technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

WCS stands ready to help drive the company's growth amidst today's and the future's challenging journey.

  • Drive optimal performance. With solutions that integrate artificial intelligence (AI), you’ll access insights that enhance your decision-making and reveal ways to improve operational performance going forward.

  • Accelerate operational impact. By connecting processes and data, you’ll bring more visibility and flexibility to employees to help them take action quickly and deliver more value across the business.

  • Ensure business agility. Many ERP solutions are built to adapt to your needs and grow with you, helping you proactively prepare for—and readily respond to—any operational disruption or market change.

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