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WCS Solution - Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Empower your company with the technology needed to manage products at scale, improve asset performance, and automate supply chain processes while prioritizing sustainability.


Looking for the right solution for your business and company goals?

Let's build a strong and sustainable supply chain in your company with an agile technology platform and the latest innovations.


Increased Profitability
Reduce costs associated with planning and executing supply chain processes

Improved Cash Flow
Understand when goods and materials are needed to meet customer demands, plan production effectively, and minimize existing inventory

Reduce Risks
Use predictive analytics to identify potential risks along with scenario planning to understand how to respond appropriately

7 things that make the supply chain more optimal with modern digital technology from WCS partner products

SCM Benefit

Improve manufacturing performance and equipment effectiveness in real-time


Simplify supply chain processes with a flexible and scalable integrated platform


Capable of increasing innovation and productivity with the rapid development of custom applications


Using artificial intelligence into supply chain planning


Can enable intelligent operation with IoT and AI technology


Proactively identify dependencies and risks across your supply chain


Improved On-Time In-Full (OTIF) delivery


Enable full visibility and trust in your supply chain with technology tailored to your business and market.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Supply Chain Management: Move from reactive to proactive operations

  • Modernize warehouse management. Avoid running out of stock or overstocking through machine learning-enhanced guidance that recommends more effective inventory management.

  • Optimize production performance. Identify potential machine issues, prevent downtime, and increase product quality and yield—before issues occur—with IoT Intelligence Preview.

  • Maximize the life of your assets. Extend the life and performance of your equipment. Use IoT and mixed reality to plan, predict, and perform asset maintenance with Asset Management.

  • Automate and streamline your supply chain. Enhance the delivery of products and services with predictive analytics that help you optimize planning and improve the fulfillment, material sourcing, and logistics of your supply chain.

SCM Product Relatd

Infor Warehousing & Transportation

End-to-end supply chain solutions for a single version of the truth

  • B2B and D2C processing from a single facility. Simplify and optimize omnichannel fulfillment operations

  • Immediate insights with the visual warehouse. Gain enhanced visibility of the facility to improve and streamline inventory management

  • Personalized user experience. Customize the interface to meet the user’s specific needs

  • Reporting, analytics, and alerts. Take advantage of business intelligence at the facility and enterprise leve

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