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Network Security Solutions

A network security system that has a layer of network protection and monitoring

Implement new technology that meets your needs.

Network security to practiced specifically to prevent, detect, assess, monitor, and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents.

We provide Security services in the following areas :

  • Virtual Private Network Solution

  • Remote Access Solution

  • Virus Protection and Alert

  • Data Encryption

  • Security Socket Layer (SSL) Solutions

  • Bandwidth Management & Compression

  • Perimeter Deployment and Management

  • Security Policy Design and Enforcement

  • Security Auditing

  • Intrusion Detection Prevention

  • Wireless Security and access control for WLAN, Hotspot, and WiMax

  • Single Sign Solution based on customer application and database

Security has become a top priority for every company that uses information technology. Due to the rapid expansion of computer networks and the Internet economy, protecting your systems from attack calls for specialized security measures.

We have proven skills and a track record in providing IT security services that minimize security risks. As a vendor-neutral consulting firm, we have partnered with major vendors in the IT security market, giving us the ability to develop and install security measures to suit the needs of your business.

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