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What’s new with Dynamics 365 Finance? (Dynamics 365 Copilot)

Microsoft announced a new copilot for Dynamics 365 Finance Copilot. Collection agents spend their days ensuring companies receive the payments they need to keep their business rolling. With Copilot in Dynamics 365 Finance, collections managers have quick access to credit and payment history so they can prioritize and personalize customer communication, helping to increase successful collection rates and proactively keep customers in good standing.

How does it work?

These new capabilities are built on the latest GPT models available through Azure OpenAI Service. You can find more information in the Azure OpenAI service documentation here. We prompt the GPT model to use internal data entered and configured by the customer as the primary source of knowledge for its responses.

What was the need for this feature? Dynamics 365 Finance Copilot

Dynamics 365 Finance Copilot. Timely payment and healthy cash flow are increasingly important in times of economic uncertainty. For Collections Agents, a major pain point is collecting the payment and communication history of a customer (what they owe, last time they paid, comms history). With copilot, Collections Agents can now spend less time gathering customer data, so they can prioritize and personalize customer communication. This personal approach helps increase successful collection rates and improve the company's cash flow.

  • Collections coordinator can see all the data he needs in his daily work tools - Microsoft Teams and Outlook

  • Personalized debt reminders result in better collection rates and improved cash flow.

  • Centralized tracking of all communications directly in Dynamics 365 Finance brings full visibility for the Collections manager.

  • Promised to pay and follow-up actions are automatically updated in Dynamics 365 Finance, increasing collections coordinator productivity.

How does this compare to competitor offerings?

These new features are unique to the market.

Are these capabilities available now?

These capabilities are available in public preview now.

What regions are these capabilities available in?

For the launch of Public Preview on June 15, 2023, these capabilities will be available in North America and the English language only.

Will these features cost extra? Will they be included in any subscriptions?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Copilot will be included in the Dynamics 365 Finance license without additional cost.

Dynamics 365 Finance Copilot

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