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Kick Off Meeting OneHCM with PT. Epsindo Jaya Pratama


OneHCM PT Epsindo Jaya Pratama

PT. Epsindo Jaya Pratama is a national company engaged in manufacturing and developing Electric Submersible Pump Systems (ESPS) and Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS). This equipment is widely used in the oil and gas mining industry both in Indonesia and abroad.

EJP has more than 500 employees with experienced experts and applies international standard procedures. Employees are a valuable asset for continuing to improve business operations. Every job and role needs to always be improved, so EJP needs a system for managing human resources that has the ability not only to monitor attendance and payroll but also features that can monitor skills and provide training suggestions for each individual.

OneHCM PT Epsindo Jaya Pratama

OneHCM PT Epsindo Jaya Pratama

With OneHCM, all of this can be done easily because HCM is human resource management software that has been adapted to the needs of companies in Indonesia and can be adjusted to a further level.

Thank you EJP for entrusting OneHCM as sophisticated software that is ready to help all lines of HR processes and employee talent.

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