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Hybrid Go Live SESS - Sreeya Employee Self Service

Updated: May 22, 2023

OneHCM - Breakthrough Solutions for Advanced Human Resources

We are proud to announce the good news

"Hybrid Go Live of PT Sreeya Sewu Indonesia, Tbk - SESS (Sreeya Employee Self Service) - OneHCM"

In the company's digital transformation journey, PT Sreeya Sewu Indonesia, Tbk launched SESS (Sreeya Employee Self Service) as a breakthrough Human Capital Management solution to facilitate the company's relationship with its employees.

for trusting PT Wahana Ciptasinatria. We believe that SESS (Sreeya Employee Self Service) will help companies listen, understand and respond to needs and improve the quality of the employee experience.

About PT Sreeya Sewu Indonesia, Tbk

PT Sreeya Sewu Indonesia Tbk (“Company/Sreeya”), was established on September 6, 1985, under the name PT Betara Darma Ekspor Impor, initially, the Company engaged in breeding to produce commercial chickens, chicken slaughter, and integrated chicken processing with cold storage.

As the business growing, the Company executed a strategic action by changing its name to PT Sierad Produce in 1986 and competed in Initial Public Offering (IPO) on 27 December 1996, and was further listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (formerly known as Jakarta Stock Exchange) with “SIPD” ticker code,

The Next business development was done through the acquisition of PT Belfoods Indonesia, a Company operating in the frozen food processing industry with current shares ownership of 99.99%. In 2015, the Company became part of Gunung Sewu Kencana Group through PT Great Giant Pineapple as the Company’s Controlling Shareholder.

On 21 September, aligned with group synergy as well as part of the transformation, the Company changed its PT Sreeya Sewu Indonesia Tbk.

Currently, Sreeya's line of business includes, among others, the production of Animal Feed which includes broiler feed, layer chicken feed, seed chicken feed, concentrate feed, quail feed, and several other types of feed, Day Old Chicks, live bird and broiler as well as processed food products.

In line with the Company's strategy to provide quality products, the Company implements strict biosecurity technology to guarantee product hygiene. Also, in line with its owned Halal Certificate, the Company become the first company in Indonesia to implement Halal Blockchain in the cutting procedure according to Islamic Sharia so that customers and consumers can transparently access the chicken slaughtering process.

Various partnership solutions are also part of the Company's strategy, including superior innovation, namely Smart Farm and Pineapple Extract-based chicken feed, both of which are leading innovations for the first time in Indonesia.

About OneHCM

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