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Go Live Jan 2022 PT Sreeya Sewu Indonesia Tbk - Microsoft AX 2012 R3

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Go Live on 1/5/2022

Good news on early 2022! We are proud to announce the GO LIVE Project "PT Sreeya Sewu Indonesia Tbk: Microsoft Upgrade from AX 2009 and AX 4 to Microsoft AX 2012 R3". With the agility and collaboration PT. Wahana Cipta Sinatria and Sreeya teams, this #golive#project was able to run faster than the expected schedule. PT Sreeya Sewu Indonesia Tbk is one of the largest companies in the feed mill industry. Hopefully, with the upgraded system, PT Sreeya Sewu Indonesia Tbk can continue to increase #productivity, efficiency and produce quality products that are beneficial to the people of #indonesia and the world.

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