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Kick-Off Meeting Enhancements DMMS in HxGN EAM - PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia

PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI), has been developing Enterprise Asset Management (HxGN EAM) for more than 3 years. This EAM system has been used internally and is currently in a kick-off meeting with WCS to start the DMMS (Digital Maintenance Management System) Upgrade. These improvements will later be integrated with the production and development departments to present a dashboard related to energy monitoring.

This integration aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of energy monitoring throughout IAMI's production and development processes. The energy monitoring dashboard will provide real-time information on energy consumption across facilities and production lines. This allows IAMI to identify areas where energy consumption can be reduced and take the necessary steps to improve energy efficiency.

Thank you IAMI for entrusting WCS as the chosen partner. WCS will be committed to helping ISUZU in IAMI's digitalization journey to become the best.

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