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Achieving sales success with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales & AI

Key considerations you need to know Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

Cut the drudgery

Connect the data

Crush the sale

Continuously improve

Generate email

content including

data from CRM and

past interactions

Summarize meetings


Simplify tasks like

updating customer

records while in the

flow of work

Answer customer



Build connections

with summaries of

the latest interactions

Get relevant CRM

data during meetings

Keep the momentum

rolling with

reminders and


Focus on high-quality

leads with autogenerated

opportunity reports

Receive next best



Learn from real-time

analysis of

conversations and


Quickly search

content using natural


Identify best

practices and

practical techniques

89 percent of workers with access to automation and Al-powered tools feel more fulfilled because they can spend time on work that truly matters

What do people want from their CRM platform?

We have seen that sellers are more likely to adopt and use tools that solve their most critical challenges.

  • Save time

  • Be more agile

  • Automate daily tasks

  • Make information more

32% of seller time is spent selling

68% is spent on nonrevenue- generating activities

Meet customer needs in real-time

Unlock the full potential of your customer data to elevate customer experiences and meet customer demand for personalized experiences with:

  • Real-time insights

  • Contextual and relevant customer


64% of customers with companies would respond faster to their changing needs

87% of customers increasingly expect relevant, personalized information based on their decision journey

3 top skills to train

Next-generation AI is easy to use, but training can take results to the next level. Here are three things to focus on.

  1. Crafting prompts: Many AI features respond to user input. Clear, specific, and detailed prompts deliver better results.

  2. Iteration: Unlike traditional computer programs, where there is only one way to do things, AI responds to subtle changes in your approach. Trying something in several different ways can lead to a better outcome.

  3. Double-checking content: AI is very powerful, but it can make mistakes. Sellers should always review content for errors and ensure it’s appropriate.

60% of business owners expect AI to drive sales growth

Microsoft follows 6 principles of responsible Al

When you're looking to empower your sales team with Al capabilities, it's important to choose solutions that meet high standards of ethics and responsibility. Microsoft uses six principles to guide the development and use of Al-enabled tools.

1. Fairness 2. Reliability and safety

3. Privacy and security 4. Inclusiveness

5. Transparency

6. Accountability

Get practical guidance for empowering your sales team with Dynamics 365 Sales -> Contact Us

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