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YKK AP Indonesia's digital transformation with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

YKK AP Indonesia and PT Wahana Ciptasinatria - Project Kick Off Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
YKK AP Indonesia and PT Wahana Ciptasinatria - Project Kick Off Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Digital transformation provides real benefits for YKK AP when using Business Central. The company is now given convenience in accelerating various division lines. There are 3 stages of Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation carried out by YKK AP with PT Wahana Cipta Sinatria (WCS) as a Microsoft Solution Partner. The first implementation is a sales & procurement module, the second is a financial module and the third is a manufacturing module.

The digital transformation journey towards Dynamics 365 BC is gradually part of YKK AP's strategy in driving software solutions so that they run well in line with the company's operations.

YKK AP's decision to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to speed up operations with the support of Microsoft cloud technology and the advantages of Business Central which can adapt to new legal requirements and regulations, such as changes in VAT rates and regulations or new accounting regulations. YKK AP feels real benefits in every implementation phase in every module with WCS.

Dynamics 365 Business Central project signing by YKK AP Indonesia and WCS
Dynamics 365 Business Central project signing by YKK AP Indonesia and WCS

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is provided by WCS with end-to-end solution delivery and ensures customer satisfaction with cloud-based Microsoft ERP capabilities that can do more with less.

Wahana Ciptasinatria (WCS) is a highly dedicated, experienced, and trusted IT consulting company with more than 150 successful projects. And WCS has been a Microsoft partner since 2008, winning many awards and holding the title of Microsoft's Gold Partner.

YKK AP Indonesia
YKK AP Indonesia


YKK AP Indonesia has contributed to maintaining high product quality and increasing the value of housing in Indonesia and carrying out company activities based on (safe and comfortable products) as well as (unmatched quality). This will not change in the future and will continue.

Challenges when entering 2020 due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Indonesia is also experiencing changes in economic activity. At the same time, there have been changes in YKK AP's business operations. YKK AP Indonesia seeks to optimize and stabilize business flows and build a new integrated ERP system.

After a very thorough investigation of the ERP market, YKK AP Indonesia chose Microsoft Business Central. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, YKK AP Indonesia has a business system that is closely integrated with factory office support systems and other important business applications. Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality also covers most of YKK AP Indonesia's needs to accelerate more agilely and efficiently.


YKK AP has an ERP system that is out of date and presents a number of challenges:

  • Inefficient maintenance costs.

  • Old systems that do not support employee demands in new normal conditions for systems that are more efficient, user-friendly, and can be accessed anywhere.

  • Administration and quality control processes include many time-consuming manual operations. This can also be a source of error.

  • Legacy-unsupported business systems are also more vulnerable to security incidents.

  • Compliance with legal requirements, such as Indonesian tax reporting.

  • YKK AP wanted an ERP system that would provide increased flexibility for employees and support for the head office.


After very thorough market research, YKK AP chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

It is important to YKK AP that the ERP system is tightly integrated from production to sales and maximizes the benefits offered by the Microsoft ecosystem. Choice by Business Central has provided a standardized and tightly connected technology platform.

With Business Central, YKK AP has a business system that is always up to date. This means that the ERP system can be continuously updated without YKK AP having to wait for adaptation from third-party solution developers.

With the help of Microsoft Solutions Partner, PT Wahana Cipta Sinatria, YKK AP has integrated a business-critical system that is divided into 3 stages of implementation modules; sales & procurement, finance, and manufacturing. This was done by YKK AP to ensure that the transformation to a new ERP system went well without disrupting operations while maintaining data quality.

Kick off project meeting YKK AP Indonesia and WCS
Kick off project meeting YKK AP Indonesia and WCS


PT Wahana Cipta Sinatria (WCS) provides ERP software for small, medium to enterprise companies and has specific expertise and experience helping customers who have a merchant & manufacturing business to convert their ERP system into Microsoft ERP. PT Wahana Cipta Sinatria is a Microsoft partner and provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. PT Wahana Ciptasinatria provides complete solutions and services in selling, implementing, and maintaining ERP software solutions according to the customer's specific industry.

PT Wahana Cipta Sinatria has more than 18 years of experience with ERP systems and helps customers find solutions that work for them. PT Wahana Cipta Sinatria has extensive experience in integrating Business Central with other systems and customizing solutions according to customer needs. WCS takes care of the entire ERP project: from installation to training, to adapting solutions and ongoing support.

WCS has served more than 150 successful projects with its head office in Jakarta and branch offices in Surabaya and Bali. WCS is committed to helping customers succeed in their business by providing advice and software that improves their business processes.


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