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Tingkatkan Produktivitas dengan Aplikasi Bisnis Cerdas

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WCS siap membantu mendorong pertumbuhan perusahaan dengan kapabilitas Microsoft Dynamics 365


  • Dynamics 365 FO: Designed to run in the cloud, offering flexibility, accessibility, and automatic updates.

  • Dynamics AX: Available as a cloud and on-premises option, provides greater control and customization, but requires additional infrastructure and maintenance.

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Architecture and Technology

  • Dynamics 365 FO: Built with X++ and Azure cloud technology, offers modularity and easier integration with other Microsoft services.

  • Dynamics AX: Using X++ and on-premises platforms, may require more complex customization for integration.

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Features and Functionality

  • Dynamics 365 FO: Has innovative features such as machine learning and analytics, focuses on a modern and intuitive user experience, and includes more business modules.

  • Dynamics AX: Focuses on stability and reliability, offers mature and tested features, and may be better suited to certain industries.



  • Dynamics 365 FO: Has a cloud-based subscription model, which can be more cost-effective in the long run.

  • Dynamics AX: Requires initial licensing fees and on-premises maintenance fees, which can be more expensive upfront.

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  • Dynamics 365 FO: Ideal for companies that want a modern, flexible, cloud-based ERP system with innovative features.

  • Dynamics AX: Suitable for companies that need a stable, reliable, and customizable ERP system with on-premises controls.

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WCS - Dynamics 365 - Microsoft Partner

Upgrade  Microsoft ERP Anda

Rasakan Microsoft Ecosystem tanpa batas dengan kecanggihan ERP Anda. Microsoft Dynamics 365, pemutakhiran ERP besar terakhir Anda!


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, formerly known as Dynamics AX, offers a dedicated retail module designed to meet the needs of modern retail businesses. This module covers a wide range of functions to help retail businesses manage their operations efficiently and effectively, from sales and inventory management to customer loyalty and omnichannel commerce.
Order Management System - Demand Forecasting - Inventory Management - Warehouse Management - Transportation Management - Vendor Collaboration - Inbound Consignment - Mobility (Warehouse Management) - Purchase Order Management - Sales Order Management - Service Management - Quality Management.

WCS - Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Sadari kebutuhan akan perangkat lunak ERP on-cloud atau  on-premise yang memberikan kemampuan berkualitas operasi lintas bisnis dari teknologi mitra WCS.

Produk WCS

Dibangun berdasarkan arsitektur yang tepat dan disesuaikan dengan perusahaan Indonesia

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Dynamics 365 FO

Tingkatkan Produktivitas dengan Aplikasi Bisnis Cerdas

ERP for Enterprise

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Dynamics 365 BC

Hubungkan operasi di seluruh bisnis kecil atau menengah Anda

ERP for Business

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Microsoft 365

Jadikan pekerja lebih efektif dan efisien dengan lembar kerja keren di mana saja

Modern workplace

WCS - Azure.png

Microsoft Azure

Melampaui batasan dengan Microsoft Cloud yang andal, tepercaya, dan aman


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Power BI

Ubah data perusahaan Anda menjadi visual yang kaya untuk mempermudah pengambilan keputusan bisnis

Business Intelligence

Proyek Terbaru

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