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Supply Chain Modernization - Project Reboot: Join The Revolution

Supply Chain Modernization

As we have seen in recent years – the extraordinary pace of change forces us to adapt to the unexpected regarding inflation, employment, and #sustainability.

Supply chains have been in the spotlight, although #supplychain disruptions are nothing new. So we must quickly and responsively overcome problems with #DigitalSolutions that can transform businesses forward and even leap further with the support of #Microsoft #Dynamics365 #SupplyChainManagement.

Thank you for attending the Seminar "Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Inventory Management Strategies to overcome situations driven by low demand in Conditions of high inflation".

It is hoped that this event can provide positive insights into;

- Inventory optimization - Optimize inventory levels to reduce carrying costs while ensuring product availability.

- Reduce operating cost - Optimize Labor Productivity, Optimize transportation routes, and Minimize Downtime through fostering collaboration and communication with suppliers.

Supply Chain Modernization

See you in the next event... :)

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