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Automate and optimize business processes

Microsoft Power Automate helps you complete repetitive tasks with automated workflows between business applications and services.

Several automation tools in Power Automate:

  • Cloud flows Automations managed form your web browser that can be started manually, triggered, or scheduled. this is the best method to combine third-party cloud services, API, and AI Builder.  

  • AI Builder highly advanced AI and machine learning based character and optical image recognition tool than can be combined into solusions to extract, categorize, and process files.


  • Dekstop Flow Anything you can’t solve with cloud flows can be done through desktop flows. Dekstop flows can be triggered or automated via cloud flows via unattended Add-on Functionality.

Automate Anytime and Anywhere:

  • Power Automate for Microsoft Teams - Create and manage automation in your Teams environment without leaving the application.

  • Power Automate for mobile - Create and manage all your cloud flows from anywhere with the Microsoft Power Automate mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

Benefits of workflow automation tool:

  • Reduce manual data entry errors.

  • Simplifying Processes Workflow Automation tools increase process visibility, reduce bottlenecks, and ensure projects are on track.

AI features :

  • AI authoring Create, edit, and extend automations with Copilot in Power Automate.

  • AI processing automate repetitive work on documents.

Best workflow automation for your business needs:

  • AI and machine learning for intelligent document processing (IDP) .

  • Increased security and data protection.

  • Cloud-based operability.

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Some examples of using workflow automation tools:

  • Send follow-ups and replies automatically after customers fill out the contact form.

  • Send a series of lead nurturing emails after a triggered event.

  • Automatic sending of invoices to customers for monthly payments.

  • Create SLAs to ensure timely replies to urgent issues.

Power Automate for Desktop  Create and manage desktop automations in windows using built-in drag and drop options or record your own desktop interface 

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