New Clients Nusantara Pacific Capitalindo (ATERIA Group)

Infor ERP Implementation

We are proud to announce our New Client for Project Assistance and INFOR ERP Implementation in one of the biggest F&B businesses in Indonesia, which are Nusantara Pacific Capitalindo (ATERIA Group).

We believe that through this implementation of INFOR ERP and Project Assistance, Nusantara Pacific Capitalindo (ATERIA Group) can streamline the #business operations and have more visibility and access across all of their business processes with accountability, real-time analysis, and ultimately increase their SLAs to their customers.

Thank you for entrusting #WCS for your implementation partner.

Increase business productivity and agility with modern ERP

Implementing or upgrading to a modern ERP can cause significant business disruption, causing an organization to lose focus, or even “break” business processes that the company looked upon as core to their success.

Why INFOR for modern ERP?

Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are helping businesses around the globe—including your competitors—revolutionize their operations.

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