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Improve customer experiences and scale your business with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Teams

Improve customer experiences and scale your business with Microsoft Teams

Modern businesses need to keep their employees in the flow of work

Today’s workers have to spread their attention across a multitude of apps, platforms, and devices. With their energy worn down by constant context switching, it can be difficult for workers to stay focused and productive. Employees are looking for efficiency and simplified collaboration in their daily workflow.

91% of enterprises are updating app inventory and processes in one or more categories

44% of workers report context switching as impactful or very impactful to their productivity1

$206B the value of the global mobile application market in 20222

Businesses want to find and use their apps on a single platform

Improve customer experiences and scale your business with Microsoft Teams

By bringing together people, processes, data, and insights in the flow of work, businesses can enhance modern patterns of work and integrate collaboration.

• Businesses are looking to deliver consistent experiences by meeting users how, where, and when they need and want to work

• Using apps on a collaborative platform eliminates unnecessary barriers between apps that interrupt, disrupt, and distract from the flow of work

• Enterprises need confidence that their data and communications are secure and in compliance

Collaborative apps amplify how modern teams work together

Work better together with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides an open marketplace that is easy to use, popular, flexible, and secure

Publishing your apps on Teams allows your business to thrive by scaling usage and building a better-integrated experience for your customers that amplifies collaboration and creativity within apps

Work better together with Microsoft Teams

Grow your business with Teams

Connect your apps to millions of users in one collaborative place

Acquire new customers

Put your apps in front of the 280M monthly users and 500k organizations that rely on Microsoft Teams as their daily productivity tool

Accelerate revenue

Grow your revenue with built-in monetization capabilities that can help you grow your business

Differentiate customer experience

Differentiate your apps with advanced collaboration experiences to transform operations, empower employees, and delight customers

Breakthru uses Teams to maximize audience expansion

Breakthru helps users clear their heads, find inspiration, and breathe with a guided system of two-minute movement-based breaks. Users can share and play them together to build a collective break-taking habit as a team.

Impact of success

Improved workflow

"Building a truly useful modern work tool requires seamlessly incorporating it into the modern work environment.”*

Maximum impact

By simply pinning the app to the Teams app bar the company saw that 20% of employees had used the app, within 8 hours.

Increased usage

Breakthru has increased usage by developing relationships with many Microsoft Customer Success Managers.

How Teams helps accelerate revenue growth

• Publish your apps on the Teams Store in the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace

• Monetize your app with subscription plans

• Keep your margin higher with low transaction fees of only 3% compared to a higher industry standard

• Offer private pricing to CSPs in the Microsoft commercial marketplace network

How Microsoft Teams helps accelerate revenue growth

Mural builds new paths to revenue generation with Teams

Impact of success

Land and expand

“The Teams integration allows us to extend the value of the Mural and Microsoft ‘better together’ experience.”*

Customer retention

When customers use Mural within Teams, they continue using the app at a significantly higher rate than they do outside the platform.

Increased win rates

By partnering with Microsoft account teams in customer sales conversations, Mural has meaningfully increased win rates.**

How Teams Help Differentiate Experiences

• Build Microsoft’s task and process automation into your apps to expand their functionality

• Receive design support

• Use artificial intelligence in new ways to amplify collaboration and creativity within apps

• Improve continually with facilitated customer feedback sessions

• Rely on customer app deployment support

• Surface apps in different contexts with third-party integrations

Microsoft Teams - Quickly detect security risks through built-in governance and security measures

ServiceNow creates exceptional customer experiences with Teams

Impact of success

Improved productivity

The conversational AI chatbot within the Teams workspace offers self-service troubleshooting for common requests, which in turn frees up help desk agents who can now focus on more complex or urgent issues.

Enhanced service experience

Easily access the Employee Center, a unified portal across HR, IT, facilities, and other departments, to make it easy for employees to get help, find information, and submit requests.

Speedy deployment

Existing customers deploy the ServiceNow Virtual Agent two times faster when using Teams–thanks to a seamless end-user experience.

Quickly detect security risks through built-in governance and security measures

• Ensure the resilience, integrity, and security of distributed work

• Preserve end-user privacy, while still enabling organizations to run their analytics on top of obfuscated data

• Utilize extensive security features and advanced meeting protection

• Know your data is encrypted by default so that there is no inadvertent leakage of data in transit or at rest

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