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How can modern software (ERP) help your company's business?

Business continuity and success depend on effective operations, productivity, quality, speed, and the customer experience that you deliver. However, the traditional strategies and multitude of solutions SMBs have long relied on to support these efforts are no longer sufficient in keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing and digitally-driven economy.

Modern business management solutions—rooted in cloud technology—help to fill the gaps and connect your data across all lines of business in your organization. From financials to sales, services to projects, and even across warehousing, supply chain, and manufacturing, a modern solution can enable real-time data access, visibility, and insights across your entire business. The result is a digitally reimagined business that provides you with a competitive edge.

Modern business management software can help you:

  • Increase financial visibility to support more informed decisions with connected data and real-time reporting, streamlined financial closing, and financial performance tracking.

  • Accelerate sales by prioritizing leads, optimizing pricing, and central management of all agreements and sales orders.

  • Improve service and deliver end-to-end customer experiences with centralized customer records and effective management of post-sales issues.

  • Improve agility and productivity with a consolidated system and work-fromanywhere access to business data and tools.

  • Deliver projects on time and on budget with advanced tracking and reporting to enable better resource management and more effective, insight-based decisions.

  • Optimize your supply chain with a holistic view of inventory, predictive restocking suggestions, streamlined receiving, and proactive engagement with suppliers.

  • Strengthen security to protect your organization from data breaches and maintain compliance.

  • Take your business on the go with anytime, anywhere access on any device.

  • Be ready for growth with a solution that is always up to date and can also be tailored and adapted to fit your unique needs.

  • Go global with custom financial dimensions and multi-company, multi-lingual, multicurrency fixed asset management.

To make your business dreams a reality, you need business solutions to keep pace with a constantly changing world. That is why successful SMBs have moved to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Now more than ever, SMBs need to embrace digitalization, because “business as we know it” has changed. Expectations have changed. The customer experience has changed. Even where and how we work is changing right before our eyes. Yet so many businesses remain limited by systems that simply do not allow for change.

That is where the next evolution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, and SL can help—enabling SMBs to become powered by the cloud, powered by connected data, and powered by business intelligence. Bringing together the productivity of Microsoft Office 365; the data connectivity and business intelligence of the Microsoft Power Platform; and the security, scale, and geographic presence of Microsoft Azure; Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers a single, unified application that connects business management across finance, sales, service, supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing.

The result? A business that can adapt faster, work smarter, and perform better.

Adapt faster

Move to the cloud with confidence to adopt new business models faster with flexible deployment options and innovative solutions that grow alongside your business.

Work smarter

Connect people, processes, and insights to make better decisions quicker while optimizing productivity with embedded guidance interoperable with Office 365 and Teams.

Perform better

Increase business visibility and performance to close your books faster, get reports sooner, and obtain real-time cash flow and performance metrics at any time on any device.

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