Comparison of UI and features between Dynamics AX and D365 FO.

Microsoft D365 FO

As you decide whether your company will migrate from Dynamics AX to D365 FO, let's take an overview of the new and improved D365 FO functionality with the Dynamics AX version.

These charts compare functionality for:

  • Financials

  • Organization

  • Procurement management

  • Manufacturing

  • Sales management and retail

  • Warehouse management and transportation

  • Overall benefits

1. User interface: Dynamics AX & D365 FO

WCS - Dynamics AX & D365 FO

2. Functionality: Finance

WCS - Dynamics AX & D365 FO - Functionality: Finance

3. Functionality: Organization-wide

WCS - Dynamics AX & D365 FO - Functionality: Organization-Wide

4. Functionality: Procurement Management

WCS - Dynamics AX & D365 FO - Procurement Management

5. Functionality: Manufacturing

WCS - Dynamics AX & D365 FO - Manufacturing

6. Functionality: Sales & Retail

WCS - Dynamics AX & D365 FO - Sales & Retail

7. Functionality: Warehouse & Transportation

WCS - Dynamics AX & D365 FO - Warehouse & Transportation

8. UI & Features Benefit

WCS - Dynamics AX & D365 FO - UI & Feature Benefit

Why make the move to Dynamics 365?



Reduce your IT maintenance

Leverage Microsoft’s billion-dollar investment in data center security. Create robust security and access controls for apps and data with built features included in D365 Finance and D365 SCM including:

  • Physical data center, network connectivity, and service hosting platform.

  • Capabilities of Microsoft Azure—the built-in disaster recovery and 24/7 technical support to ensure cybersecurity.

​Gain benefits with a monthly subscription model, including:

  • Flexibility on operational cost vs. capital costs.

  • Potential cost savings as you only buy what you need.