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Benefit After Your Company Migrates to The Cloud

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Benefits of Cloud Computing - Migrating business software to the cloud is a smart and strategic move for now. Here are some things that might be your reference, the efficiency you will get if you migrate business software to the cloud and feel the benefits of cloud computing.

1. Bigger ROI

One of the biggest benefits of a Cloud-based ERP platform is its direct and positive impact on ROI. On-premises ERPs have higher operating costs because they require greater IT support, security infrastructure, and manual updates. Cloud-based ERP platforms, on the other hand, free up financial resources to be diverted elsewhere – such as product research or innovative new customer experiences.

  • For example, the Geosynthetic and Environmental company GSE. They have realized data management systems that make correlation and collaboration almost impossible. Worse, GSE's archaic maintenance architecture keeps IT staff stuck with menial tasks, rather than focusing on higher-value activities. GSE leadership recognized the need to streamline and move its data management to the cloud. Centralized data management has reduced on-premises IT infrastructure and allowed companies to focus on IT productivity while cutting departmental budgets by more than 70 percent.

  • The majority of Hickory Farms' company sales occur during the 2-month holiday season. Therefore we need a platform that can efficiently manage inventory and order data between warehouse staff and distribution centers. Cloud technology makes it easy to do just that, providing Hickory Farms real-time data viewable on mobile devices and enabling employees to make decisions - and serve customers faster.

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2. Change management

Moving your business to the cloud can be a bit confusing from a technical and organizational point of view. However, the right platform from WCS will make the migration process easy and efficient.

  • Maersk is a logistics company, in a precarious position when its five data centers, spread across the globe, are unable to communicate with each other. And worst of all, local data centers reach capacity, causing lags. The shift to the cloud seems unattainable, as Maersk data houses 80 business applications and more than 14.4 million user files. Maersk partnered with Microsoft to move its data to the cloud on the Microsoft Azure platform enabling free and secure data flow for employees worldwide. And the migration process required was half the time as originally thought, with all five data centers closed and their data migrated in just six months.

  • Italian aircraft components manufacturer Umbra Group, looking to reduce IT costs and simplify data flow between its five global facilities, also saw the need to migrate to the Cloud. Umbra chose Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations as its cloud ERP system, ensuring the facility stays up-to-date and connected without disrupting the adjustments that have been made to its AX deployment.

3. Data as an asset

By moving to cloud ERP, your data can be optimized through AI and Machine Learning, ultimately generating greater value than stored on-premises. This is the main reason why 59 percent of businesses said they would consider a cloud-based ERP model in their next implementation.

  • Data Maersk has gone beyond accessibility and security - they know that stored data is not working optimally. As Maersk moves to the cloud, Maersk not only improves data security and accessibility but can now predict maintenance needs. Migration to the cloud has reduced overall operating costs, created new revenue streams, and made it possible to focus on developing new products and services.

  • AccuWeather, the global weather company, handles 17 billion daily data requests from 1.5 billion people – ideal conditions for advertisers. But the weather isn't waiting for anyone, and AccuWeather has a hard time combining weather and advertiser ads. Outdated sales systems lack real-time inventory data and are unresponsive. But by switching to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, AccuWeather can now track data in real-time.

Regardless of the size of your industry or company, ERP platforms from WCS partners can help provide seamless migration to the cloud. If you want to migrate from on-premises to the cloud to experience the benefits of the cloud, you can contact us here.

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