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NetSuite - Product - Experience



From Startup to Enterprise, we are the #1 Cloud ERP Business Software Solution

Great benefits for our customers include

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Higher quality work

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More satisfied employees/customers and less turnover

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Reduced training and recruiting costs

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Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

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Increased sales

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Experience involves empathy and communication from every team and every customer

NetSuite Experience Capabilities

Role Based Authentication

NetSuite provides many standard roles with pre-defined permissions. Most of these roles correspond to common employee positions and standard roles are also available for vendors, partners and customers with account access.


User Interface

NetSuite’s UI is easy to use and understand, which allows users to focus on job-specific workflow training and reduces the amount of time wasted on navigating through unintuitive ERP systems.


User Customized Dashboards

NetSuite allows users to reconfigure and customize their dashboards around the tasks and information they use most frequently.



Available for IOS and Android, the applications are designed with a mobile-first UI for key workflows, and support push notifications for time sensitive actions, allowing users to streamline work on the go.


Document Management

NetSuite’s fully integrated document management system enables you to add reference documents to any record. Nearly every record type in the system supports related document attachments and you can control access to these documents using the NetSuite authentication system.


The World’s #1 Cloud Business Software Suite

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