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Get caught up on meetings—in a fraction of the time

Stay on top of all your chats, meetings, and calls with Copilot in Teams

Access all your Teams communications instantly, and complete collaborative tasks faster. With Copilot working alongside you, now you can:

  • Create meeting notes.

  • Summarize key discussion points.

  • Discover answers to specific questions from chats or meetings.

  • Task Copilot to generate a list of unanswered questions for follow-up or provide an update on the project.


Get to work with Copilot in Teams

Get started with Copilot in Teams by clicking on the Copilot icon. Begin interacting with Copilot by selecting from the list of suggested prompts. For example:

  • Catch me up on what I missed in this meeting.

  • Are there any action items for me?

  • Create a table of the options discussed with pros and cons.

Want to learn more about prompts? Contact Us, where we’ve collected a great set of prompts for you to try and share. With Copilot Lab, learn how to turn a good prompt into a great one, save your favorites, and get inspired to work in a whole new way.


Watch how Copilot makes meetings easier

Each brief video shows a simple tip to get Copilot working alongside you, right now.

Discern opinions quickly

Summarize perspectives expressed during meetings.

Get meeting overviews

Organize meeting action items so you can get to what’s important, quickly.

Evaluate new ideas

Use Copilot to weigh the pros and cons of new suggestions brought up in conversations.

Get caught up quickly

Ask Copilot simple, open-ended questions. Like, what decisions have been made so far?

Ask better questions

Generate a list of insightful questions to ask people.

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Microsoft 365

Then use follow-up prompts to iterate, refine, and more. Want to learn more about prompts? Contact uswhere we’ve collected a great set of prompts for you to try and share.

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Microsoft 365 for Enterprise

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Empower your cause with Microsoft 365. Affordable tools to connect, collaborate, and achieve your mission

Microsoft 365 for Educations

Keep up to date with what’s happening in education


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