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Dynamics 365 Business Central - Hospitality Redefined

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We aim for our business expansion to be spread across Indonesia for better serving our clients nation-wide, particularly Bali as the no. 1 designated tourism location is the highlight for our expansion.

Therefore, through our event with the theme of “Redefined Hospitality”, We believe that our digital solution can help to improve a lot of businesses, especially in the hospitality, lifestyle, and tourism businesses during the pandemic.

Four helpful technology trends growing business in the digital world

Let's outline four technological advances that can help organizations take advantage of business opportunities that will make them competitive now and in the future.

1. Cloud computing is no longer just a buzzword

Cloud technology sets the foundation of transformation for businesses. The adoption of cloud services worldwide has continued to accelerate at an incredible pace. For almost all industries, the cloud changes how people work, where people work, and the way people do business. While cost reduction is still a top priority, scalability and business agility have stepped to the forefront as primary reasons businesses are adopting cloud solutions.

2. Digital transformation is taking connectivity to new heights

We recently surveyed small and mid-sized business owners and employees to understand their most challenging problems. Lost productivity spent working across multiple systems that don’t talk to each other was a common issue reported by business owners and IT managers. Disconnected systems cause manual processes, duplicate entries, and reports that are out-of-date before they finish running. Lack of visibility hinders decision-making and puts the longevity of your business at risk.

3. The “Internet of Things” isn’t a mystery, it’s a reality

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the collecting and analyzing of data to identify patterns, track trends, and even predict behaviors.

Every business collects data. The secret is to use that information for better insight into customer behavior and operational efficiency. Organizations that can tap into the value of their data to predict the future instead of simply reacting to the past will thrive.

4. Don’t fear mobility, embrace it

Mobility enables businesses to put technology advancements into practice on any day, across multiple devices, and at any location.

Your employees need to be connected like never before. Customers expect your sales and service representatives to have immediate access to the information they need to solve their problem or deliver on a good or service they expect to receive. Calling back to the office to see if an item is in stock or waiting for a follow-up response to schedule a service appointment just doesn’t cut it.

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