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EPICOR - Module - BI & Analytics


Business Intelligence and Analytics

WCS is Epicor's partner in Indonesia ready to help you visualize your data and gain a better understanding of what's happening in your company and factories right now.

Reveal the best and right decision-makers in manufacturing, distribution with Epicor

Use data analytics to uncover problems and find opportunities to grow your Manufacturing business and increase profits from wise decision-makers.

Let's take a look at Business Intelligence and Analytics Capabilities

Epicor BI Capabilities

Operational Reports and Dashboards

The business activity queries (BAQ) built into Epicor ERP drive reports, dashboards and trackers can help you see the entire work cycle from the back office to the factory in production. Epicor BI and Analytics make it easy to present data in real-time using a visual drag-and-drop wizard.

  • Build dashboards and trackers to continuously monitor performance

  • Sort, the group, summarize and drill down to better understand your data

  • ​Trace a path from invoice to sales order to job or work order and back again

  • Start with templates provided, then build your own


Machine Monitoring and Reporting

Stay competitive in the manufacturing space and grow efficiently and reduce costs while still meeting the needs of your customers. With Epicor® Advanced MES uses Industry 4.0 technology on the shop floor—such as cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors—to help you gain the competitive advantage you need—both now and in the future.

  • Improve cycle times, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and plant productivity

  • Eliminate manual data collection

  • Improve scheduling agility with real-time insight into machine performance

  • Monitor every cycle and every machine 24/7, giving you near-instantaneous visibility into production and quality problems

  • Reduce scrap and rework with automatic part qualification and part rejection

Descriptive Analytics

Smart Manufacturing is at your disposal with every department learning from its data with self-service summaries; animation, interactive data visualization; and tools to simplify report generation and sharing.

  • Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) is able to drill down into data directly to produce visually rich charts that deepen everyone's understanding of data and information.

  • Keep everyone focused on the metrics that matter with the visuals of role-based charts and graphs on the Epicor ERP Active Homepage.

  • Save time and effort by generating reports directly in Microsoft® Excel® with Spreadsheet Server.


Diagnostic Analytics

Analytical diagnostics transform data stored in Epicor ERP into actionable insights with Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), powered by Phocas®. Non-technical users also have easy access to data by switching to a quick easy-to-read dashboard that includes detailed transaction data in just a few clicks.

  • Turn ERP data into actionable insights with easy-to-read charts, graphs, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that let you drill into your data

  • Eliminate error-prone, manual approaches to data analysis

  • Increase employee acceptance of analytics in their daily activities​

  • Stay up to date with daily changes in your business


Predictive Analytics

Plan for success using tools that support demand planning and inventory optimization using Epicor Smart Inventory Optimization. It is a suite of cloud-based applications that help drive sales and inventory operations planning such as:

  • Get a clear perspective on your Company's inventory status.

  • Able to choose a model with a precise estimate for each item, taking into account trends, seasons, and events.

  • Can define safe inventory levels, reorder points, lead times, and order quantities to balance storage and customer service costs.


Find complete integrated solutions tailored for your manufacturing business


The right solution from WCS uses Epicor software for end-to-end manufacturing that includes the best capabilities to help securely connect people, assets, workflows, business processes to production.


We will help your Distribution run effectively with Epicor for Distribution in planning, assembling, shipping, and efficiently delivering the goods your customers want when they want them.

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