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Drive Manufacturing Business Growth with industry-specific software

Discover how enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help you fine-tune your growth plans and capabilities.

Reveal the best and right decision-makers in manufacturing, distribution with Epicor

Understands the industry you are in. Good performance for your Manufacturing and Distribution Business


The industry-specific specialist

Experienced as ERP software for companies engaged in manufacturing and distribution.


Helping Companies of All Sizes Grow

Suitable for the needs of SMBs to Enterprise in choosing the best software that can be scalable according to business growth.


Easy-to-use software and complete modules

Ease of handling human resources, finance, and supply to production in one integrated platform.

WCS is the best partner for Epicor Product


Epicor provides deep insights shaped by innovative, industry productivity solutions meticulously to deliver a better world of business.

Epicor Product

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Make quick, confident decisions with accurate analytics and clearer insight into your business.

  • Epicor Data Analytics

  • Epicor Informance EMI

  • Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA)

  • Spreadsheet Server

Epicor BI-03.png

Customer Relationship Management

Improve your customer relationships with tools to manage contacts, leads, opportunities, marketing campaigns, sales orders, and more. Epicor CRM allows you to:

  • Increase supply chain velocity to keep pace with the global competition.

  • Drive out costs to improve profitability through effective coordination from raw materials to the delivery of finished products.

  • Enhance your customer experience with a data-driven focus on meeting expectations for information accuracy, inventory, product delivery, and service.​​

Epicor CRM-07.png

Financial Management

Generate financial efficiencies and insights to drive business strategy forward. Helping you integrate business processes and streamline day-to-day activities with the following capabilities:

  • Core Financial Management

  • Enhanced Reporting for Empowered Decisions

  • Mobile Time and Expense Management

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Modern, Affordable Payment Processing

  • Sales Tax Management

Epicor - Financial Management-08.png

Human Resource Management

Epicor HR solutions enable businesses to hire, develop, and retain employees with less effort and expense. How effectively you engage, align, and lead the innovative workforce of tomorrow significantly impacts your long-term competitiveness and growth.

  • Powerful Foundation with Core HR

  • Workforce insights with reporting and analytics

  • Employee Self-Service

  • Recruiting—even on the go

epicor - HR-09.png
Mechanical Engineer

Planning and Scheduling

Help manufacturers and distributors plan and schedule the equipment, staff, and materials needed to meet delivery dates. With planning and scheduling tools integrated into your industry-specific Epicor system, your business is better equipped to meet customer demands and drive productivity that drives growth.

  • Manufacturing Planning & SchedulingManu

  • Financial Management

  • Project Accounting

  • Project Management

Logistics and Supply Chain

Whether you need to optimize inventory for a single retail location or integrate your entire global supply chain, Epicor offers SCM, sourcing, inventory, data integration, dispatch, and shipping solutions to help you control costs and meet customer expectations for speed and service.

  • B2B eCommerce Software for Manufacture & Distribution

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Warehouse Management System

Epicor - SCM-10.png

Service and Asset Management

Leverage your company-wide real-time data and integration of service quality and asset health to get the insights you need to better serve your customers.

  • ERP Service & Asset Management

  • iScala for Service Management

  • Epicor Security Suite

  • IT Management Software

Epicor - Asset-11.png

Production Management

Optimizing production capacity to reduce costs and meet customer expectations with good quality and on-time delivery. With more automation, better data, and better visibility into labor, materials, inventory, and scheduling, you can reduce costs and accelerate growth.

  • Epicor Advanced MES

  • ERP Production Management

  • Manufacturing Intelligence System

  • Epicor IoT

  • Epicor iScala

Product Management

Improve communication and collaboration across the company to maximize productivity by optimizing processes at key touchpoints to ensure seamless product management from design to delivery.

  • Epicor CADLink

  • Epicor ConfigLink

  • Epicor ECN Manager

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

  • Epicor Product Data Management (PDM)

Epicor - Product Management.jpg

Epicor Focus Industry & WCS Experience

Collaboration between Epicor as Software-focused Manufacturing and Distribution with WCS as Implementation Partner for more than 20 years in Indonesia. It's time to choose a proven and trusted partner for your business continuity.

Epicor Industry


The right solution from WCS uses Epicor software for end-to-end manufacturing that includes the best capabilities to help securely connect people, assets, workflows, business processes to production.


We will help your Distribution run effectively with Epicor for Distribution in planning, assembling, shipping, and efficiently delivering the goods your customers want when they want them.

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