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The capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance are very abundant and can be said to be comprehensive for company financial needs, especially for medium and large scales.

Visibility & Profitability:

  • Dashboard & Real-time insights: Monitor financial performance in real-time, analyze trends, and make strategic decisions based on data.


  • Multi-company & Multi-currency management: Manage financial operations for multiple subsidiaries with different currencies on one platform.


  • Financial reporting and consolidation: Create comprehensive financial reports and carry out automatic financial data consolidation.

Automation & Efficiency:


  • Process automation: Automate routine financial processes such as accounts payable, bank reconciliation, and vendor payments to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.


  • Workflow management: Organize workflows for invoice approvals, payments, and more for increased control and transparency.


  • Global financial compliance: Support compliance with local and global financial regulations with built-in features.

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Strategic Financial Management:

  • Planning & forecasting: Create detailed financial plans and cash flow forecasts to anticipate trends and make effective investment decisions.


  • Budgeting & control: Set budgets for departments and projects, and track expenses to ensure compliance.


  • AI-powered forecasting & insights: Leverage artificial intelligence to predict financial results and get recommendations to improve profitability.

Security & Flexibility:

  • Role-based security: Control user access to financial data based on roles and responsibilities.


  • Cloud-based deployment: Access Dynamics 365 from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need for expensive IT infrastructure.


  • Customization & integration: Tailor Dynamics 365 to your specific business needs and integrate with other applications you use.

Apart from the capabilities above, Dynamics 365 Finance also offers several interesting additional features, such as:

  • Project accounting: Manage projects with real-time finances.


  • Inventory management: Track inventory and control goods movement better.


  • Expense management: Automate the reimbursement process and control expenses more effectively.

  • Integration: Seamless integration with other applications or other Microsoft applications such as Power BI and Office 365

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